While Sister Cheryl C. Lant, who was released April 3 as Primary general president, was teaching a group of Nursery leaders how to teach a short gospel lesson to very young children, she held a picture of the Savior in her hand. A toddler slipped off his mother's lap and walked up to the picture just as Sister Lant asked, "Who is this?" The toddler answered, "Jesus."

Speaking in the Sunday morning session, Sister Lant said, "This child was not old enough to really even say his own name, but he recognized the image and knew the name of the Savior. As I watched this sweet response, I thought of the words of the Savior when He said:

" 'Seek the face of the Lord always, that in patience ye may possess your souls and, ye shall have eternal life.'" (Doctrine and Covenants 101:38).

She said, "It is our sacred responsibility as parents and leaders of this rising generation of children to bring them to the Savior so that they might see His face and the face of our Father in Heaven as well. As we do, we also bring ourselves."

For a pattern of doing so, Sister Lant referred to the account of the Savior's visit to the Nephites recorded in 3 Nephi.

She said, "First, we must learn how to love the Lord and our families. …

"Second, we must become worthy examples. … Now remember, none of us will be the perfect example for our children, but we all can become worthy parents and leaders. Our striving to be worthy is an example in itself. …

"Third, we have the process of bringing our children to the Savior by teaching them the truths of the gospel from the scriptures and the prophets, and helping them to feel and recognize the spirit."

She noted, "Now, all of this does not come easy. … It takes a lot of hard work and patience and faith, but nothing is more important or rewarding. And, the Lord will help us, for He loves these children even more than we do. He loves them and He will bless them."

Sister Lant spoke of the angels who encircled the Nephite children as the Savior blessed them. She said, "Brothers and Sisters, we are the angels that Heavenly Father has sent today to bless the children, and we can help them to one day see the face of the Savior as we teach the principles of the gospel and fill our homes with the joy of living them."

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