Derek Pinkson
Seasons After performs at Club Vegas on Wednesday.

Seasons After lead singer Chris Shlichting said he and his bandmates tried to balance being in a band and holding day jobs, but it didn't quite work out.

"As long as I can remember we were playing Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, and working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and sometimes Thursday and then hopping back into the van and driving as far as we could to our next gig," Shlichting said during a phone call from his home in Wichita, Kan.

"We 'weekend warriored' it as long as we could until everybody ran out of vacation time and some of us started to get fired.

"After that, we moved into the van and started doing the band full time," a goal Shlich?ting had since he was a teen.

"I was 16 when I saw Faith No More open for Robert Plant," he said. "I was so blown away. I was like 'OK, that's what I want to do.'  "

He moved to Wichita from Missouri in 1992 and played in various bands before hooking up with drummer Tim Rails, bassist Michael Byers, and guitarists Chris Dawson and James Beattie.

"Dawson had the band concept in mind from the beginning," said Shlichting. "He came up with the band name, and he came up with the album titled 'Through Tomorrow' before the band was even formed."

Still, the singer said, each band member has varied influences and that's what makes Seasons After stronger than a sum of its parts.

"All five of our stories are different," he said. "All of our influences are so different. That makes (the band) a completely different animal."

Seasons After's full-length debut, "Through Tomorrow," will be released March 23, a day before the band plays in Salt Lake City.

"We originally recorded five songs with D. Braxton Henry, Drowning Pool's live sound mixer," Shlichting said. "We did an extended-play CD with him."

However, by the time the band made copies of the original EP, it had already finished recording a demo of the full-length with producer Alex Gerst at Indian Trail Recording Studio in Texas.

"Everything went really fast," said Shlichting. "The band works together really well and they do things quickly.

"We don't force our songs," he said. "If it's not meshing, it falls off to the wayside."

Shlichting said Seasons After has never been scared of hard work.

"Releasing the CD is something we worked very hard at," he said. "None of this was handed to us.

"We've been on the road since last May," he said. "We came home at Christmas and spent a day and a half with family before we went on tour again.

"I've been home for little less than a week, and getting ready to hit the road again and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be home until June or July."

The grueling schedule is worth the 40 to 45 minutes the band plays on stage, Shlichting said. "In my opinion music is a higher form of communication. You can make someone feel something by playing notes. Words don't even have to be sung, and you can inspire emotion. That connection is indescribable."

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What: Jansu, Seasons After, Never Before

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