Wow. There are barely words to describe how bad the new animated series "Ugly Americans" is. And I can barely tell you what's in the show because we can't use that kind of language in a family newspaper.

Words like "crude" and "raunchy" only scratch the surface. It's just plain gross and sexually graphic.

"Ugly" centers on Mark Lilly, a New York City social worker who works at the Department of Integration. He works mostly with vampires, werewolves, aliens and all sorts of mutant freaks. His roommate is a zombie; he's dating a demon.

Which is an excuse for the most astonishing collection of vulgar jokes and sight gags — with an emphasis on "gag."

The second episode is hugely anti-religion as well. (And there's a sight-gag featuring what appear to be LDS missionaries.)

There are shows that are crude, vulgar and funny. Some are really funny.

"Ugly Americans" is just crude and vulgar. It's not funny. It's lame. Really lame.

It's not just that it's inappropriate for children, it's inappropriate for everyone. Well, everyone with an IQ in double digits. It's terrible.