Former Utah basketball coach Rick Majerus and current employer St. Louis University are in an awkward flap over his weekly radio show which the coach refuses to do this season.

Majerus asked a St. Louis radio station to take his name off his coaches show which he said he doesn't have time to do. Longtime observers say the move by Majerus may be over something else, namely the university's cancellation of private charter flights for his basketball team.

The issue has been a hot topic on St. Louis sports talk radio. SLU is 12-8 overall and 3-3 in the Atlantic 10 Conference after a 62-36 loss to Richmond on Saturday.

Majerus said he disdains commercial flights because at the end of a current trip his players will have missed eight days of classes over three weeks.

"My greatest concern is for my own players academically," Majerus said. "Now with this travel schedule, there's just absolutely no way. You've got to get to the airport two (or) 2 1/2 hours early. You've got to take early flights. A lot of these places, there's only one nonstop flight."

As for his radio show, Majerus said he cannot commit to doing it every Monday given SLU's travel schedule.

"The commitment I have to the team, recruiting and scouting, I just can not commit every Monday night to these shows given our travel schedule."

SLU has a contract with WXOS to have its basketball coach do a weekly show. It particularly irked some was that a few hours after those comments aired on WXOS, Majerus was on Chicago's WGN, doing an interview with a media friend he's known since 1982.

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SLU athletics director Chris May called the situation "unfortunate."

"We're all trying to work hard to promote a great product with a good (radio) partner," he said. "Now it's time to move forward and figure out what the best opportunities are to promote it."

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