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Kane stars as Jacob Goodnight in "See No Evil."
SEE NO EVIL — * — Kane, Samantha Noble, Christina Vidal; rated R (violence, gore, profanity, vulgarity, drugs, brief sex, brief nudity); Carmike Ritz 15 Theaters; Century Theatres 16 (South Salt Lake); Cinemark 24 at Jordan Landing; Megaplex 20 at the District.

"See No Evil" doesn't shy away from gore. In fact, the film seems to delight in scenes in which the main menace plucks the eyes out of his unfortunate victims. (Some of these sequences are shown in graphic close-ups.)

If only he could do the same to audiences — and thus spare them from having to watch this sickeningly violent nonsense.

Of course, what else would you expect from a film that was co-produced by Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Entertainment group?

And yes, that does explain the presence of Glen Jacobs, better known as professional wrestler Kane. He stars as Jacob Goodnight, an apparently unkillable maniac who blinds his victims.

After nearly getting captured by the police during a killing spree four years earlier, Jacob is now making an abandoned hotel his home. That same hotel is where some unlucky teen criminals have been sent to perform community service.

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These delinquents are supposed to help convert the burnt-out building into a homeless shelter. Instead, the massive killer begins picking them off one by one.

Director Gregory Dark, a veteran of the adult-film industry, certainly takes his sweet time dispatching the annoying youngsters, none of whom is remotely likable. That's an obvious problem, since that means there's no one to root for.

As for Jacobs, his amateurish performance recalls the big-screen work of another former wrestler, B-movie actor Tor Johnson ("Plan 9 From Outer Space"), to whom he bears at least a passing resemblance.

"See No Evil" is rated R for strong scenes of horror violence (shootings, stabbings, dismemberment and violence against women), graphic blood and gore, strong sexual profanity and crude sexual talk, drug content (marijuana use), brief sex and brief female nudity. Running time: 84 minutes.