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Caveh Zahedi is director and star of "I'm a Sex Addict."
I'M A SEX ADDICT — ** — Caveh Zahedi, Rebecca Lord; not rated, probable R (sex, vulgarity, profanity, nudity, drugs).

The enjoyment you may get out of "I'm a Sex Addict" is directly proportional to your tolerance — or lack thereof — for the film's director and star, Caveh Zahedi.

He's a neurotic intellectual with a peculiar presence that can best be summed up as Woody Allen-like. That alone will be enough to turn off a large portion of the American filmgoing public.

Zahedi is also frank and forward about discussing his sex life in this film, which is just as likely to isolate another large portion of its potential audience.

And even if you can get past all that, the film is still self-involved and self-indulgent. It's almost as if he made the movie for himself, for his loved ones and for no one else.

In this comedy, which features some faux-documentary elements, Zahedi examines his sex addiction, including examining how it has affected various relationships throughout his life.

He also looks at his recovery and therapy, as well as his attempts to start more healthy relationships with women.

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Frankly, Zahedi is a pretty homely guy, so the sight of him dating a lot of attractive women seems as ridiculous as — well, Allen doing the same thing. (Among the actresses who play some of his former girlfriends is French adult film star Rebecca Lord, whose acting contributions are negligible.)

To be fair, Zahedi's direction is assured, and there are a couple of interesting moments, including animated sequences done by Bob Sabiston ("Waking Life") and music from iconoclastic rocker Jonathan Richman ("There's Something About Mary").

"I'm a Sex Addict" is not rated but would probably receive an R for strong sexual material, including simulated sex and other sexual contact, explicit sex talk (innuendo and slang), occasional use of strong sexual profanity, partial male and full female nudity and drug content (marijuana use). Running time: 99 minutes.

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