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Ashley Albright (Lindsay Lohan) loves life until her fortune is turned upside down in "Just My Luck."
JUST MY LUCK — * — Lindsay Lohan, Chris Pine, Faizon Love; rated PG-13 (vulgarity, slapstick violence, profanity, brief sex).

With any luck, "Just My Luck" will disappear quickly, before it can do any real damage to Lindsay Lohan's movie career.

This surprisingly lowbrow fantasy/romantic comedy is easily the worst of Lohan's big-screen adventures and suggests that her upcoming switch to less-juvenile roles couldn't come at a better time.

Still, it's not in time to spare her — or us — from this film, which is so toxic that you wonder why it was released in May rather than August (when many major-studio bombs are released to theaters).

Lohan stars as Ashley Albright, described by many as the luckiest woman in New York City. She's just landed the perfect public relations jobs and scored a date with a wealthy hunk (Chris Carmack).

But then she loses almost everything during a masquerade ball. She innocently kisses a masked stranger, Jake Hardin (Chris Pine, from "Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement"), whose luck couldn't be worse. That is, until now.

Their kiss causes some sort of fortune transference, and suddenly it's Jake who's flirting with fame and fortune, while Ashley goes from the penthouse to the outhouse in no time.

Needless to say, she's determined to find out just what happened and reverse her fortune.

Where this silly nonsense is going is painfully obvious, and an army of screenwriters has found every possible excuse to throw in scatological jokes and other crudities.

And thanks to director Donald Petrie's lumbering pacing, this rather slender material seems infinitely longer than it is.

Speaking of slim, the sight of the painfully thin Lohan is pretty horrifying. (You'd like to see her actually eat that sandwich in one scene.)

The film also features the dubious debut of Brit-pop act McFly, who make you yearn for one of Lohan's musical numbers.

"Just My Luck" is rated PG-13 for crude sexual humor as well as toilet humor and excrement gags, slapstick violence (pratfalls, as well as vehicular violence), scattered use of profanity (mostly religiously based), and brief sexual contact. Running time: 102 minutes.