GOING SHOPPING — ** — Victoria Foyt, Rob Morrow, Lee Grant; PG-13 (profanity, vulgarity, brief drugs).

For better or worse, "Going Shopping" is exactly what its title suggests that it is — it's a movie about shopping. And this talky comedy-drama isn't any more fun than it sounds.

The film is less than two hours long but feels considerably longer, thanks to a few drawn-out scenes and some clunky character drama.

Co-screenwriter/director Henry Jaglom (1997's "Deja Vu") created the film as a starring vehicle for his partner onscreen and off, Victoria Foyt. She stars as Holly Gilmore, the owner of a Santa Monica women's clothing store.

Holly has just found out that her boyfriend Adam (Bruce Davison) hasn't been paying the bills. So she has two days to come up with months' worth of back rent or she'll have to close her shop. She's even thinking about going to a loan shark (Richard Romanus).

One good thing has happened, though. Holly finds herself charmed by Miles (Rob Morrow), who seems to know a lot about shopping. Unfortunately, he's already in a committed relationship.

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Jaglom's pacing is too slow. The film would be better if he simply tightened up a few scenes. And it would certainly be better if Foyt and Morrow had any real chemistry, but their pairing seems forced.

The film's pseudo-documentary elements are the most interesting element (several women, as well as some of the film's female characters, are seen sharing their love of shopping with an unseen, off-screen interviewer). Jaglom could have made a more interesting movie if he had made a real interview piece.

"Going Shopping" is rated PG-13 for scattered use of strong profanity (including one usage of the so-called "R-rated" curse word), some sexually suggestive talk and other innuendo, and some brief drug content (references to hallucinogenic drugs). Running time: 106 minutes.

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