"Some Girls" was an out-of-competition picture in the United States Film Festival this past January, produced and directed by the team that gave us "Restless Natives" and "Promised Land." (And as with the latter, Robert Redford is executive producer here.)

Patrick Dempsey ("In the Mood," "Can't Buy Me Love") is the college kid in love with a French student (Jennifer Connelly) who has left him and gone back home to France. To his surprise, she invites him to visit over Christmas and he agrees, having no idea of the situations he will encounter with her eccentric family.

The family includes her two free-spirited sisters, her stiff-necked mother, her Bohemian father and her ditzy grandmother, along with the added complication of one sister's insensitive boyfriend.

On the whole, some of the complications and eccentricities seem forced and stagey (there's even a rehash of the familiar gag about two kids in a sexual situation being surprised for one's birthday party), but there are some sweet moments and several very funny scenes, mostly of the door-slamming, mistaken identity variety. Andre Gregory easily steals the show in a hilarious turn as the father.

"Some Girls" is rated R for sex, nudity, profanity, vulgarity, violence and drugs.