"Project A" is set against the backdrop of turn-of-the-century Hong Kong, though its sensibilities are certainly modern.

Chan plays Dragon Ma, a Coast Guard wise guy who is constantly at odds with his superiors. Despite that, however, he soon finds himself in the Coast Guard's police department, battling smugglers in the film's first half and pirates in the second.

The first half of the film is the more satisfying, with some wild slapstick chases and fight sequences, the most memorable taking place in a clock tower where Chan pays homage to both Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" and Harold Lloyd's "Safety Last" in the same scene.

This one has even less use for plot than "Armour of God," and displays much more intricately choreographed slapstick, demonstrating that Chan sees himself as much a physical comedian as a martial arts action star.

"Project A" is not rated but might get an R for a couple of violent killings and some male nudity in the police training camp.