"I Come in Peace" actually isn't as bad as it has every right to be, given that it is an extremely derivative sci-fi, buddy-cop picture with pieces of everything from "The Hidden" to "Lethal Weapon" in view. In addition, it stars Dolph Lundgren, yet another muscleman actor who is about as expressive as wood.

And yet, in its own unintentionally campy way, "I Come in Peace" provides some fun for fans of the genre as Houston cop Lundgren tries to track down an evil alien who is killing dozens of people with razor-sharp compact discs, when he's not injecting them with heroin to get an even more potent drug from their brains.

This sounds like a formula for gore, and though there is quite a bit of violence and some of it is fairly graphic, it's not nearly as grotesque as such recent fare as "Total Recall" and "RoboCop 2."

Lundgren is reluctantly teamed up with a stiff-collar FBI agent, played with just the right amount of bemused distance by Brian Benben, and Lundgren's girlfriend, who just happens to be the coroner (Betsy Brantley), also gets into the act.

As for the story line, there's the police chief who suspends Lundgren, the alien cop who's also tracking the evil alien, the romantic arguments because Lundgren seems to care more about his job than Brantley, the coverup by the FBI once they take over, a gang of yuppie criminals — in other words just about every formula cliche we've seen in such films over the past several years.

But there's also a sense of humor, lots of stylish explosions and car chases and some zany twists that give it a jolt now and then.

"I Come in Peace," rated R for violence, profanity, drugs and nude female dancers in a bar, is no great shakes to be sure, but action and sci-fi fans could certainly do worse.