It's Saturday afternoon, and I have been sitting in front of my big screen TV watching the Jazz blow another game in the playoffs. They have gone scoreless in eight minutes and have fallen behind by 18 points while Portland has gone on a 19-0 run. I've given up, turned the TV off and gone to the computer to write a letter to the editor to vent my frustration knowing the Jazz have lost another game they shouldn't have, in the second quarter. So here goes my frustration frenzy.

1. Watching the playoffs is a losing proposition for the fans. Sixteen teams made the playoffs, and 15 of them will end the season by losing the last game. Only 1 team, the champions, will win the last game. This is a 94 percent probability that I will end up frustrated at the end of the playoffs.2. I know the players are supposedly paid what they are worth, but it is difficult for me to understand how someone is paid $4 million a year when their only apparent talent is height.

3. My son and daughter-in-law went to Game 5 of the first round and paid $88 a seat. Some might say they were lucky to get tickets, but I say the average fan is priced out of the market. Let's cut the salary down to $400,000 (they can probably live on 10 times what I make) and reduce the tickets to $9.

4. All of the Jazz evening playoff games start at 8:30, so I don't get to bed until 11:30, an hour past my regular bedtime. I'm losing sleep and getting grouchy.

5. I didn't wear my Jazz shirt to the office on Jazz day last week and got razzed by everyone. Boo!

6. From mine and Hot Rod's vantage point, the officiating leaves something to be desired. For example, Stockton was obviously fouled on his last shot of Game 2 against Portland, but they didn't call it. I know the officiating probably averages out, but I seem to only remember the bad calls against Utah.

7. I don t understand illegal defense. They should do away with it and let them play zone.

8. I sometimes think the network announcers are watching a different game than I am watching. Like the time Bill Walton called a shot that bounced on the iron three times before falling through as nothing but net.

9. Commentators go on and on without knowing what they are talking about. The only commentator I have seen who KNOWS what is going on is Rick Majerus.

10. Hot Rod's hair is really bad (even though it is better this year than it has been) and his bias shows in calling the game, although he is colorful. I'm thankful for the Booner to keep him straight.

11. Malone is a whiner. If he weren't such a good player, I wish they would trade him. Oh, that all the players could have the demeanor of Hornacek and Stockton.

12. The Jazz should have lost both Game 4 and Game 5 to Sacramento. If they had, I would be over my misery now and could get back to a normal life.

13. The only solution I see is for Larry Miller to sell the team to someone who will move the franchise out of state.

Wow! I feel much better now.

Go, Jazz, go.

Larry Strong is a disappointed Jazz fan who resides in Kaysville.