Domino's Pizza Inc.'s policy of requiring male employees to keep their hair cut above the collar is discriminatory because women are permitted to have long hair, a lawsuit filed against the pizza chain says.

The Wayne County Circuit Court lawsuit was filed Thursday by Michael Pitt, an attorney appointed by the American Civil Liberties Union to represent Scott Bedker, 17, of St. Clair Shores. Bedker was told in January that he must cut his shoulder-length hair or lose his job.The suit names RPM Inc., the franchisee; Domino's, the parent company, and owner Thomas Monaghan. It seeks to get Bedker's job back and end the company's policy about hair.

Pitt said Bedker's hair in January was shoulder-length and well-groomed, the style he had when he was hired in November 1986. Bedker was told when hired to wear a cap with his hair folded under for sanitary reasons. Women in similar jobs were instructed to treat their hair the same way, Pitt said.