A former Ogden attorney, accused of stealing about $100,000 from his clients, was sentenced Friday to serve 30 days in the Weber County Jail for theft.

Stanley L. Ballif, 36, who now lives in California, entered a guilty plea last month to the second-degree felony charge in exchange for the state not bringing any more theft charges against him.

Ballif was accused of pocketing money from seven clients, and he said he has paid back full restitution.

Second District Judge Ronald O. Hyde imposed jail time for Ballif, put him on probation and ordered him to pay a $5,000 fine.

The theft case stems from an out-of-court settlement where Ballif took the $4,500 settlement check and deposited it in his wife's bank account.

Ballif was disbarred in January, and he is no longer allowed to practice law in Utah.

His defense attorney, Martin Gravis, said Ballif would also likely be disbarred in California.