An Orem mother pleaded not guilty Friday to two counts of child abuse.

Loretta Larsen, 33, charged with abusing her 6-year-old son, will be tried by jury July 26 before 4th District Judge Ray M. Harding.Defense attorney Claudia Laycock asked to waive Larsen's right to be tried by jury, but Harding denied that right after objections from Deputy Utah County Attorney Kay Bryson. Both attorneys requested that the trial last three days to give them adequate time to present evidence.

Larsen was arrested April 5 by Orem police and charged with one count of second-degree felony child abuse and one count of class A misdeameanor child abuse.

Orem police reports say Larsen's 6-year-old son was suffering from malnutrition. The boy was locked in his bedroom and handcuffed to the bed because he would get out at night and take food, Orem Police Detective Ralph Crabb said.