The Wasatch County Council has delayed choosing a mayor and town council for a newly created town.

The petitioner for creation of the new town, Mel McQuarrie, and his attorney, Jodie Hoffman, had submitted six preferred names chosen from a longer list the County Council gave them April 24. The County Council gathered the names after asking all town residents whether they would be willing to serve.

A state law passed during the 2007 Legislature requires that county officials and an incorporation petitioner agree on the mayor and council for a new town's first two years. The incorporation for Independence was filed just before the controversial law was repealed in 2008.

Both McQuarrie and Wasatch County council members said Tuesday they want the new leadership to be balanced.

"I don't like the law," said County Council member Michael Kohler. "But it would be counterproductive to make the town fail. It would come back on the county."

The council will reconsider the issue May 21 after talking with potential appointees. Official incorporation documents will be submitted to the state once town officers are chosen.