OREM — An Orem police officer who arrested a woman for a traffic violation and outstanding warrant was given a thank-you present.

The gracious gift? A bag of meth.

But almost as soon as the officer identified the substance in the baggie, the 26-year-old woman demanded it back and tried to wrestle it out of his hands, said Orem Police Lt. Doug Edwards.

The woman had been driving on Orem's Main Street just after midnight Wednesday without working head or tail lights, so officers pulled her over, Edwards said.

After getting her information, officers realized she had a suspended driver's license and an outstanding warrant for domestic assault.

She was arrested and driven to the Utah County Jail, but on the way began to get squirmy and talkative — signs of recent methamphetamine use, Edwards said.

Even after getting to the jail, she couldn't sit still and confided in the arresting officer that she had just used meth before the arrest, Edwards said. She also said she needed to quit using drugs, and the officer agreed.

At that point, Edwards said the woman pulled a baggie from her bra and threw it at the officer.

She quickly changed her mind and tried to grab it back, but was unsuccessful, Edwards said.

She was booked into the Utah County Jail for investigation of driving on suspended license, domestic violence, possession of a controlled substance and bringing a controlled substance into jail — the 19th time she's been there since 2000.