Following are links to some of the best of what we've seen in the Bloggernacle today:

— There's a call to action over at By Common Consent on addressing poverty in the world. The post and comments are wonderful as well as the links embedded on ways to help. A masterful reminder that "Ye Have the Poor Always With You."

— "Why do so many Mormons get married in Disney World?" As a special to the Vanity Fair blogs, a New York Mormon answers this and other inaccuracies surrounding the LDS Church in "A Mormon View." A witty, well-written and myth-busting post! My hat tips to A Soft Answer for the referring link!

"Slandering the Lost Sheep" fascinated me as it discusses how Mormons often quickly judge those who leave the Church, pointing out reasons that may or may not be true. The "Why Does it Matter?" list is especially thought-provoking. I then found the comments interesting and appreciated the original poster's clarification in response. This insight came from Peter Brown, who commented, "Leaving the Church can be a journey back into the Church" and cited Alma the Younger as his example. Wow!

— Blogging is just so cool! And ldswebguy provides some great tips on how to blog better at "Learning About Blogs at Web 2.0." For anyone who has a blog, reads a blog, wants to start a blog, etc.