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Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Timothy Woozley seems unsure what to expect as he holds onto a baby goat at Farm Country.

LEHI — The fourth-graders from Stansbury Park Elementary got an interesting bonus experience when they came to Farm Country last week to see the baby animals.

Twin female goats were born almost before their eyes.

"A lady came into the store and said, 'Your goat's having babies,'" said Rena Prestwich, Farm Country's manager. "She was right."

"They're so tiny, but they're still bigger than some of the others because they're not pygmies," said Beth Ann Mayberry, one of the teachers for Farm Country's educational classes. Mayberry and Betty Gardner were introducing their class to all of the babies including the newest and youngest.

There are a considerable few, from the day-old twin kids with lop ears to a black baby lamb to a pair of red calves who don't really like people yet.

There are chicks, baby lambs, baby bunnies, baby Jacob's Sheep and piglets, all getting ready for the upcoming Baby Animal Birthday Party (which includes birthday cake for all and a host of party games and events). There may even be a pony or two and a baby llama.

"We have 13 pregnant goats who will deliver between one and three babies each, plus we're getting all new bunnies," said Prestwich. "We should have lots of babies."

Prestwich said the spring and fall are always busy times for the staff members, all of whom are expected to be ready to help deliver the animals' babies if needed.

There are veterinarians on call for problems, but usually the expectant and laboring mothers just do what comes naturally, said Mayberry.

"Sometimes if there's trouble we run and get somebody with gloves," said Gardner. "

Aubrey Moser, 4, said she likes the piggies best. Why? "I just like 'em," she said, looking at the brown, pink, black and white babies.

Five-year-old Gavin Wilson prefers the baby cows with their big, brown eyes and soft coats.

If you go ...

What: Baby Animal Birthday Party

Where: Farm Country, Thanksgiving Point in Lehi

When: 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., April 26

Cost: Free with admission ($3.50 per person, 3-under free)

Phone: 768-2300

Web: www.thanksgivingpoint.com

E-mail: [email protected]