Game title: SingStar '90s

Platform: PlayStation 2

Studio: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Rating: E for everyone

Scores: 8/10


Gameplay: Sony Computer Entertainment America likes to call the SingStar collection — now four strong in the United States — a "social gaming library." And they're not far wrong. But whether or not you want to play hinges in large part on whether you like to embarrass yourself karaoke-style with friends and family and whether you like the songs assembled into each new edition.

At my house, we love it. But we do wish the franchise would reach into some different genres now and then because the rock is starting to feel a little same-old, same old. It's all starting to blend together.

On the other hand, the series is a stroke of genius in that it captures a very different audience than the typical gaming segment. You don't have to be great on the control, able to finesse an object around a sharp curve or jump a tower. You just need to sing.

Graphics: The graphics consist of videos that go with each cut on the playlist. And some of them are really nice. Whether you care, again, depends on how you relate to the selection, which includes 30 titles. Among them: "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer, Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" and "Zombie" by the Cranberries.

Audio: About what you'd expect from karaoke-style play. Which is not a bad thing.


Parent's take: It's a lot of fun and you don't have to worry about anything to offensive or suggestive, although you might want to watch it once to make sure there's nothing on one of the video clips that pushes your own family's particular buttons.

Final take: It's nice to have some more titles. We'd pretty much settled into our own arrangements after playing, over and over, earlier versions. Mixing it up's a good thing — and we hope the next one will do more of that.

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