PROVO — City Council members are compiling a list of the area's best and brightest to create a special committee to look at iProvo issues.

Councilman George Stewart said the council plans to appoint a committee during its regular meeting tonight to review iProvo matters and propose alternatives addressing its findings.

Mayor Lewis Billings said he appreciated the council's step "to more broadly involve the people of Provo in this important community conversation of value."

Councilman Steve Turley said the current status quo for iProvo is failing miserably and he's encouraged at the formation of this "blue ribbon" committee.

"We're going to have the latest and greatest thinking," he said. "Not just from consultants, but from local folks too. That's the hope, anyway."

The council is expected to appoint the following individuals to the iProvo Review Committee:

• Councilman George Stewart

• Councilwoman Cindy Richards

• Councilman Steve Turley

• Sen. Curt Bramble, R-Provo (Senate majority leader)

• Dan Campbell (managing general partner of ESNET Group)

• Jan Carlile (chair of Intermountain Healthcare South Regional Board)

• Rep. Steve Clark, R-Provo

• Ron Eliason (vice president Capital Community Bank)

• Stan Lockhart (director of government affairs for IM Flash)

• Don Norton (regional director/founder Far West Bank)

• Scott McQuarrie (CEO of BTS Investments Inc.)

• Utah County Commissioner Steve White

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