PROVO — A woman suffering a medical problem found out the hard way that a car versus a backhoe is not a fair fight.

The woman was traveling northeast on Freedom Boulevard around 10 a.m. Monday when police believe she went into diabetic shock, failed to heed several orange cones and tried to drive in the closed off right-hand lane, said Bob Munson, equipment operator for Provo City Energy, who was working in the area.

Munson was working in front of Marriott's Courtyard Hotel, around 1600 N. Freedom Blvd., when the woman made a loop and came back around for a second pass.

This time, she didn't avoid Munson's backhoe but struck it, knocking off her left front light and crumpling a bit of her side panel on a tire the height of her car.

"You could tell there was something (medically) wrong with her," Munson said.

The woman was conscious, talking and breathing when they took her out of the car, said Provo police officer Sam Hunter. Officers believe she was suffering from diabetic shock.

"I'm glad no one got hit," Hunter said. "It could have been bad."