The Governor's Office of Economic Development Board on Friday approved Motion Picture Incentive Fund awards to three productions:

• Blank Slate Productions LLC for the film "Blank Slate." The tax rebate will be up to $159,000 for the TV pilot. The company is expected to spend more than $1 million in Utah, about 69 percent of the film's budget of more than $1.5 million. Release is expected to be through Turner Network Television.

• Silver Nitrate Entertainment/Darko 2 LLC for the film "Samantha D." The rebate is for up to $300,000 for the independent feature film. About $2 million is expected to be spent in Utah, about 53 percent of the production's total budget of nearly $3.8 million. There is no distribution contract yet.

• New Movie Corp. for the film "The Assignment." The independent feature, which is expected to have a theatrical release, will have a rebate of up to $500,000. About $3.4 million is expected to be spent on the production in Utah — about 95 percent of the total budget of nearly $3.6 million.