The Utah Department of Health and the Check Your Health Programs want Utahns of all ages to turn off their electronic toys and get outside during "Unplug 'n' Play" this week.

The goal is to remind parents and kids to set limits on screen time, according to Lynda Blades, project coordinator — and to remind kids that there are more creative ways to spend time than in front of the computer or TV.

A department survey for 2007 found that of children 5-17, 30 percent of boys and 32 percent of girls watched two or more hours of TV every day. Thirty-two percent of boys and 11 percent of girls played video games two or more hours a day on weekends — a time when the number of hours spent watching TV jumped for boys and girls.

The first schools that register to participate will receive "Unplug 'n' Play" wristbands for all students. Information and registration at