Paramount Home Entertainment
"Alvin and the Chipmunks ... Funny, We Shrunk the Adults"

The following new animated and children's DVDs are available:

"Alvin & The Chipmunks Go to the Movies: Funny, We Shrunk the Adults" (Paramount Home Entertainment, not rated, $16.99): Three episodes on an adventurous trip through Tinseltown as they re-enact favorite movie comedies in "Back to Our Future," "Bigger" and "Funny, We Shrunk The Adults."

Running time: 66 minutes.

"Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Chipmunk Adventure" (Paramount Home Entertainment, rated G, $16.99): Adventure along with the Chipmunks as they travel the world in a hot air balloon and sing along their favorite songs. Special feature: Original artwork.

Running time: 76 minutes

"Tom and Jerry Tales: Volume 4" (Warner Home Video, not rated, $14.97): Twelve episodes of Warner's cat-and-mouse duo, including "Zent Out of Shape," "I Dream of Meanie," "Which Witch," "More Powers To You," "Catch Me Though," "You Can't," "Power Tom," "Don't Bring Your Pet to School Day," "Cat Show Catastrophe," "The Cat Whisperer," "Adventures in Penguin Sitting," "Cat Prey" and "Jungle Love."

Running time: 88 minutes.

"Play With Me Sesame: Let's Play Games" and "Imagine With Me" (Genius Entertainment, not rated, $14.93 each DVD): Play along "Name That Sound" with Sesame friends and game show host Guy Smiley or use your imagination with Elmo, Zoe and their friends as make-believe cookies.

Running time: 50 minutes each

"Chrysanthemum ... and More Kevin Henkes Stories" (Weston Woods, not rated, $14.95)

"Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type" (Weston Woods, not rated, $14.95):

—Chyrsanthemum's name is perfect until she goes to school and is teased.

—Can farmer Brown run his farm without cows and hens?

Running time: 76 minutes

"Baby Einstein: Baby's First Sounds — Discoveries for Little Ears" (Buena Vista Home Entertainment, rated G, $19.99 DVD): A entertaining and fun way infants can learn sounds that help develop their language skills. Special Features.

Running time: 33 minutes

"Go Diego Go! Moonlight Rescue" (Paramount Home Entertainment, not rated, $16.99 ): Diego tries to help the baby sea turtles return to the ocean but they need the moonlight. Special Features.

Running time: 95 minutes

"The Wiggles: Pop Go The Wiggles" (Warner Home Video, not rated, $19.96 ): Sing and dance 31 songs, the most favorite and classic nursery rhymes, with "The Wiggles." Bonus features: photo gallery, "Dorothy the Dinosaur Episode" and "Little Miss Muffet Joins The Wiggles in Concert."

Running time: 57 minutes

"FARMkids: Chaos in the Country" (PorchLight Home Entertainment, not rated, $14.98): Among the seven episodes are: "Fresh Country Air," "The K9 Factor," "Face Off," "Law & Disorder," "The Giant Alien Tomato Attack," "Small Gaseous Planet" and "Moo Loo's Big Day." Special features.

Running time: 84 minutes.

"Dennis The Menace: Trouble, Trouble Everywhere" (Twentieth Century Fox, not rated, $14.98): The Mitchells decide to take a family vacation, but wherever they go Dennis seems to get into trouble. Seven episodes.

Running time: 78 minutes

"Johnny and The Sprites: Meet the Sprites" (Buena Vista Home Entertainment, rated G, $19.99): A magical show promoting friendship, problem solving, and accepting of others. Bonus features.

Running time: 57 minutes

"Arthur — Season 10" (WGBH Boston Video, not rated, $49.95)

"Arthur: Big Brother Binky" (WGBH Boston Video, not rated, $12.95)

—Arthur and the gang have a lot of fun and challenges in these 10 episodes. Special Features.

Running time: 4.5 hours

—Binky finds out he is going to be a big brother and has all kinds of emotions with the thought of his parents adopting a baby sister. Special features.

Running time: 52 minutes

"Animal Planet: Growing Up Wild Cats" (Genius Entertainment, not rated, $14.95): Witness the development and challenges of these rescued furry newborn cubs in their new environment "Wild Animal Orphanage." There are four episodes: "Growing Up Lion," "Growing Up Cheetah," "Growing Up Black Leopard," "Growing Up Tiger."

Running time: 170 minutes

—compiled by

Deseret News staffers