WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — The kitchen manager at the state's Webb Correctional Facility alleges he is being persecuted for his Christian beliefs, saying his supervisor ordered him to remove a Bible from his desk and from the prison.

William Parker, 45, who started working in the Department of Correction as a prison guard 21 years ago, said he has removed the Bible.

"There are Bibles all over the prison," he said. "We had a Bible rack put in the main hallway. It's just an issue that I had one on my desk. I have Muslim co-workers who are allowed to get out their prayer rugs and pray during their shifts."

He said a Bible has sat on his desk for about two years, and he sometimes reads it for inspiration and encouragement.

Elizabeth Neal, the acting warden, said that while no worker has been disciplined for reading a Bible, she doesn't want any employee reading anything while on duty.

Correction Commissioner Carl Danberg said the issue is not the content of the reading material but reading while on duty. He said Parker will be allowed to bring his Bible back to work, provided he does not read on the job.