Every day I have to listen to people like James C. Green (Readers' Forum, April 14), who think that just because they can pull themselves up by their bootstraps, everyone can. Over the past four years I have had a problem called a schizoaffective disorder. I have to consume pills that cost about $1,200. Most of it is paid by social welfare. I have seen my mother yo-yo her medications and the terrible pain that came as a result. By the time I turn 80, it will have cost nearly $3 million for my treatment regimen.

Mr. Green, what do you think society should do with people like me? In the past they used barbaric practices such as frontal lobotomies, insulin shock and electroshock therapy. Because of social welfare programs, I actually have the chance to change my future. Because of vocational rehabilitation, I have the opportunity to attend college and contribute to the programs I once used.

Bryan Carlson

West Valley City