OREM — Utah Valley State College's Women in Technology program has received a grant of $10,000 to support career and technical education students who are registered for or want to register for Math Pass or MAT 090R. The scholarship money was provided by the Micron Scholarship Foundation.

Math Pass and MAT 090R prepare students to pass the COMPASS Test and test into Math 1010 or 1050. Twenty $500 scholarships will be available beginning summer term 2008, fall semester 2008 and spring semester 2009 for students who need to pass those courses, show financial need and plan to graduate in a two-year CTE program.

Karen Pool, Women in Technology coordinator, said math often proves to be a barrier to women entering nontraditional two-year technology programs.

These scholarships are for both male and female students. For more information, contact Nicole Hill, 801-863-8908.