CENTERVILLE, Utah — In honor of a student who drowned, the city donated $25,000 to help pay for artificial turf at Viewmont High School's football field.

Seth Fraughton, 17, team captain and star running back at Viewmont, drowned at Bear Lake in August. He lived in Centerville and would have been a senior.

"We thought he was a good kid, but this shows us his influence is much further reaching," said Jodanna Sessions, an older sister.

The new turf at Viewmont's field was installed last year.

"Seth was an outstanding community leader and individual," Centerville Mayor Ronald Russell said when he recently presented the money to the Davis School District.

"He excelled not only in football, but had a 3.9 grade point average," Russell said.

Seth's father, Cody Fraughton, was among a group of parents who wanted to improve the Viewmont football stadium.

Parents raised about $250,000 in cash, labor and materials. The school district paid $250,000, and Bountiful and Centerville each gave $25,000.

"We wanted to do this in Seth's honor and in the spirit of looking forward to the athletes who will use that turf," Russell said.

Fraughton is flattered that Centerville gave the money in his son's name. The support has helped the family cope with Seth's death.

"We are amazed by how many accolades (Seth) has received since he passed away," the father said.