LOGAN — The Cache County prosecutor plans an independent review of the handling of a criminal case against a doctor accused of sexually abusing patients.

George Daines made the disclosure Friday during a closed-door meeting with 1st District Judge Gordon Low. The Herald Journal of Logan reviewed minutes of the meeting.

There are allegations that a witness at the trial of Raymond Bedell was encouraged to tailor her testimony for the prosecution.

Daines denies the allegations. In March 2007, Bedell was convicted of misdemeanor sexual battery but acquitted of felony charges.

Court minutes obtained by the Logan newspaper said: "Daines addresses current status of the case and the prosecution office's position. All allegations of the prosecution office are completely denied. ... State makes record that at this time his office will not publicly respond" to the allegations.

Bedell's attorney, Stephen Sweigart, said he's been interviewed by the FBI about the case. Others in the Logan area say they've also been contacted by the FBI. The FBI won't comment.

Bedell still has not been sentenced for a conviction that is more than a year old. The next court hearing is May 9.

In May 2007, Bedell, an osteopath, was put on trial a second time and acquitted of forcible sex abuse.

He was accused of fondling the breasts of patients and brushing his fingertips across a medical assistant's buttocks.

Bedell has said the two trials "ruined" him in his profession.