Listen to the 911 call
(11.5 minutes)

OREM — The phone call that came into police-dispatch headquarters on Jan. 6 at 11:10 a.m. was made by a man with a surprisingly calm voice.

"There's a shooter out in the parking lot of a church," he said. "Shots fired."

According to the 911 tapes of that day, which were obtained Friday by the Deseret Morning News, the man told police dispatchers that a female in her 30s had been shot in the chest. She was unconscious, not breathing. Some people had started CPR.

Asked by the police dispatcher if anyone was there who could help, according to the tapes, the man on the line responded that there were "about 20 people in suits."

The woman was Kristy Ragsdale. She died in the parking lot where she had been shot multiple times. Her husband, David Ragsdale, is accused of firing the shots.

According to the tapes, the first officers and ambulances arrived on the scene at 1691 E. 900 North. in Lehi at 11:21 a.m. — 11 minutes after the call.

The Utah County Attorney's Office gave the tapes to the newspaper Friday. The newspaper had made an official request for the tapes two days after the shooting.

The Utah County Attorney's Office also gave the Deseret Morning News copies of the recorded calls between officers and dispatchers during the ordeal.

As for the day of the shooting, the reason if took so long for officers and emergency medical crews to arrive could have been because the caller to 911 gave several incorrect addresses to the dispatcher. According to the tapes, the caller gave several addresses, including 600 N. 1500 East, 1691 N. 1500 East and 1500 E. 700 North.

When asked to give a description of the shooter, according to the tapes, the caller asked the people standing around the scene who the shooter was.

"I believe it was her husband, David Ragsdale," another man told dispatch after the original caller gave him his phone.

He then told dispatchers that the bullet casings were around her body and the caliber was pretty big.

"He drove up past me, jumped out and just started popping her," he told dispatchers.

At 12:06 p.m. an officer reported that the suspect had called the police to turn himself in.

At 12:09 p.m. they had confirmed he was in Traverse Mountain, a subdivision in Lehi. At 12:17 p.m. an officer reported the shooter's brother was driving him to the police station and at 12:36 p.m. Lehi police had the man in custody.

Police confirmed to dispatch the gun was a 9 mm handgun.

David Ragsdale has been charged with aggravated murder. His next hearing will be May 12.

Contributing: Sara Israelsen-Hartley

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