The Deseret Morning News has always been proud of its support of the Days of '47/Deseret Morning News Landscape Art Show, "The Color of the Land."

In its efforts to promote the visual arts in Utah, the News has exhibited some of the finest contemporary expressions of the land since resurrecting the art show in 1991.

However, due to reconstruction activity on the Museum of Utah Art and History, as well as the downtown renovations, the Landscape Art Show will go on hiatus this year.

The MUAH, whose facilities have proved invaluable in eliminating artwork-size restrictions, as well as allowing for a longer exhibition schedule, has been the perfect venue for the show. All parties involved in the exhibition, including the participating artists, have been pleased with the museum's layout and the support of its personnel.

"The Color of the Land" will be back next year in the newly renovated MUAH. Until then, keep painting.