AMERICAN FORK — The American Fork City Council has tweaked plans at the new site of the pressurized irrigation reservoir near the golf course to include recreational opportunities as well as a paved trail surrounding the reservoir site.

The city is sending an application to the state, committing the city to provide recreational activities like scuba diving, canoeing and kayaking.

During a City Council meeting this week, city engineer Andy Spencer answered questions about the changes.

"We still feel it is important that we are able to supervise these activities and ensure that they are safe," he said. "So they would be scheduled activities through the recreation department, but they would be open when there is water in there ... essentially April 15 through Oct. 15, anytime they are scheduled through the recreation department."

The city also awarded a contract for the Schedule 1 distribution package for the pressurized irrigation system. The low bid, which was accepted, was 16 percent below the engineering estimate.