Rarely do I agree with Lee Benson. April 9 was no exception. I sometimes wonder just what his agenda really is — even though he says he is LDS. The Lord often gives his people difficult and lofty opportunities to see if they will "obey" and use them for his purposes. Not all of his people use them with the Lord's intended purpose.

Polygamy was one of them. My grandfather married two sisters who bore two large families. The results of this union provided doctors, lawyers, musicians, scientists and were generally contributors to society. There was no hint of older men forcefully marrying children and no hint of incest or free sex between teenagers.

The actions of the Texas Child Protective Services are entirely justified to protect children and to stop such activity! The perpetrators will have their day in court. For Benson to call any of the Lord's commandments "murky" is a terrible insult to him and to all of us who greatly benefited from this extraordinary period of the early church. He should apologize.

Ruel Clark