David Ragsdale

PROVO — The mother of a woman gunned down in an LDS parking lot said she will do everything in her power to ensure that her daughter's alleged killer is kept behind bars.

"I am going to expend every effort (to see) that Dave Ragsdale is never out of jail so he can't kill anyone else's daughter or mother," said Ann Palizzi, the mother of Kristy Ragsdale, who was gunned down on Jan. 6 outside an LDS meetinghouse in Lehi.

David Ragsdale — charged with aggravated murder — was in 4th District Court again Wednesday afternoon with his attorney to request a preliminary and bail hearing.

State prosecutors said they thought a half-day would be enough time to present sufficient evidence.

"We'll put on all evidence we have to show probable cause that Kristy Ragsdale was murdered and that David Ragsdale murdered her," said prosecutor Craig Johnson.

After getting a hearing date for May 12 at 8:30 a.m., prosecutor David Sturgill also asked Judge Claudia Laycock to issue a no-contact order between the Ragsdale family and Palizzi.

"The mother of the victim is also one of our main and most crucial witness," Sturgill said. "I just think that to be safe, let's have there be no contact between Ann and the Ragsdale family."

The families are in the midst of a custody battle regarding the two young Ragsdale boys, and Palizzi asked Sturgill to request the no-contact order after being contacted by the family's attorney, she said.

"If the issue is visitation, not an effort to talk about the facts of this case, I think it's a matter more appropriate before the judge who has the custody issue," Laycock said.

Sturgill agreed, but said this could be ruled on by Laycock because she's handling the criminal case.

"You have witnesses that are adverse to one another in a case that is before you," Sturgill said. "They should not have contact with one another when it's not necessary."

Laycock declined to issue one without proper motions and documentation.

Ragsdale's attorney, Greg Skordas, said he would remind the Ragsdale family not to communicate about the case, but added that they should and must communicate with Palizzi about issues related to visitation.

"They don't want to work through a mediator," Palizzi said. "They want to have the siblings contact me directly. My attorney didn't think it's appropriate as I am a key witness. I don't want to deal with their harassment. I have enough on my plate, grieving for my daughter, taking care of the kids."

She said she's tired of "lies and manipulations" and said the mediator should work between the families.

Palizzi was granted temporary custody of the Ragsdale children and a guardian ad litem was appointed to handle matters related to the Ragsdale estate.

After the hearing, Ragsdale's sister, Tamara Ragsdale, apologized if her previous statements to the media pushed any blame onto her deceased sister-in-law.

"My heart aches for her loss," Tamara Ragsdale said. "The aftermath is a never-ending nightmare for many of us."

She said she hoped her comments wouldn't seem disrespectful, but maintains that her brother's thinking was skewed by an under-monitored, carelessly prescribed "cocktail" of seven prescription medicines.

"I love my brother," she said. "I will continue to support him."

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