Unexpected visitor

Boyd Twiggs of Midvale sent in the following story:

"Several years ago I was serving on the high council in the Midvale Utah Stake. I was assigned to be the high council speaker in the Midvale 5th Ward.

"When I arrived about 20 minutes before the meeting started, I was greeted by a very concerned Bishop Hutchings. He said we may have to cancel the meeting because there was a woodpecker in the chapel. They had been trying to get it out and were not having any luck. The bird had come in through a small broken window in the sacrament preparation room. After struggling with my conscience to get out of speaking with a canceled meeting, I suggested that if the bird could be made to settle on the light valance at the edge of the chapel, he was probably tired and would sleep through the meeting. This was done and the meeting was to be held.

"When the bishop's counselor, Brother Bowlden, who was conducting, started the meeting, he announced there was a woodpecker in the chapel. He also said that no one should worry as it would not hurt anyone.

"The meeting progressed, and my turn to speak arrived. I stood and turned to Brother Bowlden and said he may have helped the members feel comfortable that they were safe, but my concerns were still with me. When your name is Twiggs and a woodpecker is loose, you have a valid reason to be concerned."

73 years strong

Shannon Faulkner said she never heard her parents disagree in front of their six children.

"They were always totally supportive of each other," Faulkner said.

That quality likely helped contribute to the success of their marriage. Sonne and Ramona Rasmussen celebrated 73 years of marriage on March 30.

The anniversary, however, lacked any major festivities. Ramona, 91, was away from home recovering from hip surgery, but she did receive a visit from her husband.

Sonne and Ramona still live on their own in their Draper home that was built in the 1930s. Four children live in the same ward as their parents. The couple has 21 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren.

Faulkner said her parents came from varied backgrounds and were "different as night and day." Sonne was a farmer, and Ramona was a social worker.

But they had something in common. They were both hard workers who stressed education to their children.

"They worked on the things that they did have in common," she said. "They supported each other."

'Parents kind of weird'

Reader Berneice Neeley wrote to share a story about her oldest granddaughter, who, when she was 3 or 4, returned home from Primary singing:

I am a child of God

And he has sent me here,

Has given me an earthly home

With parents kind of weird.

Neeley said this was the same granddaughter who, after attending the open house for the Bountiful Utah Temple, was asked what she liked best about the tour: "Oh, Grandma, the cholesterol room!"

Missionary reunion

Recently, D. Ray Thomas of Holladay and Verlan J. Terry of Bountiful visited the Cook Islands with their wives. The former missionaries returned to the mission field where they had served as companions 50 years earlier. Thomas wrote Mormon Times to say, "Do companionship friendships continue? This one certainly did!"