I am a parent. I am a community leader. In those roles I feel God-given instincts to teach and protect my child. I have a heavy responsibility to raise a productive citizen. I want to see him enjoy the fruits of marriage and family life. I want to have the joy of being a grandparent.

That is why I am disturbed by the words of Valerie Larabee, executive director of the Utah Pride Center (for gays and lesbians). In the Deseret Morning News on April 1, she said: "Access to information and resources is critical to make sure youths aren't isolated by parents, stifling anything that a child may do or say or think that is validating their fears." Her statement exposes an agenda, which is to belittle parents and their right and obligation to teach their children right from wrong.

I urge you to go to the Internet comments on the recent articles about the American Fork PTA parent meeting to see the malicious and hateful words generated by those who are pro-gay. I call on parents to be leaders. Speak up to your children. Give them your feelings and opinions. If you do not pass your values on to them, they will get another set from someone else.

Belinda Jensen

American Fork High School

PTSA president