1. Riverton (10-1) Class: 5A

Was: 1. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: The Silverwolves have tough week taking on the Grizzlies and Wolverines. Next up: at Copper Hills, today.

2.Sp. Fork (14-0) Class: 5A

Was: 2. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: The Dons are deep and athletic and they're not just winning games; they're dominating. Next up: vs. Pleasant Grove, today.

3. Taylorsville (6-4) Class: 5A

Was: 3. Last week:2-0. Outlook: The Warriors should win the region title but need to be cautious of complacency. Next up: vs. Jordan, today.

4. Bingham (10-1) Class: 5A

Was: 4. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: The Miners are capable of contending for a title, but first they have to survive region play. Next up: vs. Hunter, today.

5. Tooele (8-2) Class: 4A

Was: 5. Last week: 1-0. Outlook: The Buffalo have enough talent for two teams and are having no trouble in 4A. Next up: vs. Mountain View, today.

6. Fremont (9-2) Class: 5A

Was: 6. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: Silver Wolves look like the team to beat in Region 1 this season. Next up: at Clearfield, today.

7. Murray (8-2) Class: 4A

Was: 7. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: Spartans face formidable challenge in the Pirates this week. Next up: vs. Cyprus, today.

8. Hunter (9-3) Class: 5A

Was: 8. Last week: 1-1. Outlook: Big week for Wolverines who face both Bingham and Riverton. Next up: at Bingham, today.

9. Springville (8-4) Class: 4A

Was: 9 . Last week: 1-0. Outlook: Players like Brittany McCray and Kandice Kirkham make Red Devils fun to watch. Next up: vs. Orem, today.

10. Sn. Canyon (13-2) Class: 4A

Was: 12. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: Athletes like Maggie Nikolaus and Kelsie McGregor have the Warriors undefeated in region. Next up: at Cedar, today.

11. Hurricane (11-1) Class: 3A

Was: 11 . Last week: 2-0. Outlook: Tigers get a chance to prove themselves against Warriors on Friday. Next up: at Dixie, today.

12. Roy (11-3) Class: 4A

Was: -. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: Royals prove to be one of 4A's best with great start in tough region. Next up: at Box Elder, today.

13. Bear River (11-3) Class: 3A

Was: -. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: Players like Shaunee Christensen have the Bears at top of region. Next up: at Ben Lomond, today.

14. Juan Diego (7-6) Class: 3A

Was: -. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: Tough preseason is paying off for Soaring Eagle as they start 2-0 in region. Next up: at North Sanpete, today.

15. W. Jordan (7-4) Class: 5A

Was: -. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: Jaguars enjoying successful start but region only gets more brutal. Next up: vs. Kearns, today.

16. Grantsville (11-2) Class: 3A

Was: 16. Last week: 1-1. Outlook: Cowboys lose to Bear River but are still a dangerous squad. Next up: at Morgan, today.

17. Viewmont (7-5) Class: 5A

Was: 13. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: Vikings only region loss is to Fremont as competition heats up. Next up: at Davis, today.

18. Bountiful (9-3) Class: 4A

Was: 17. Last week: 1-1. Outlook: Braves lose to Roy but defeat WX in very competitive Region 5. Next up: vs. Bonneville, today.

19. Syracuse (6-4) Class: 5A

Was: -. Last week: 1-0. Outlook: Titans may be young and new, but they're playing like veterans. Next up: at Northridge, today.

20. Lehi (9-4) Class: 5A

Was: -. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: Pioneers playing well against tough Region 4 opponents. Next up: at Lone Peak, today.

Dropped out: Copper Hills; Uintah; Timpanogos; Payson.