WEST VALLEY CITY — Another sweep along the Jordan River Parkway by West Valley police Sunday netted a dozen arrests.

Undercover officers conduct sweeps along the trail on a frequent basis, looking for people who are trying to hook up with strangers to commit lewd acts, said West Valley police Capt. Anita Schwemmer.

"We're targeting those that are wanting to do this in a public area," she said.

Typically, those arrested are hoping to engage in sexual acts in the bushes just off the main trail where families, many with children, and recreationists travel, according to police.

During Sunday's operation, 12 people were arrested for misdemeanor lewdness. As is typical with these kinds of sweeps, Schwemmer said those arrested came from a wide range of backgrounds.

Two people arrested were over 70 years old, the oldest being 73. All those arrested Sunday were men, the majority of them over 40 years old. Some of the men arrested were from West Jordan and Murray, and at least one was from Kamas, according to jail records.

The sweep focused on the area of the parkway trail in West Valley only. In August, a similar sweep by West Valley police resulted in 15 arrests.