I'm a longtime resident of Salt Lake City and enjoy its downtown. I frequently attend the Utah Symphony, Ballet West and numerous theatrical productions. I go to these types of cultural programs because I enjoy them, not because they are located in downtown Salt Lake City. I would still go, even if they were located in another part of the valley. It's the programming that draws the audience.

A larger Broadway-style theater is needed in this valley because the Capitol Theatre is just too small. It doesn't have an adequate stage, loading dock or backstage area for these large-scale productions. It's actually one of the smallest theaters in the country for touring shows.

The south valley is where there's space for a project of this size. And that's why the developer approached Sandy and not Salt Lake City. No matter what the self-proclaimed urban types keep saying, Salt Lake City doesn't have exclusivity on arts patrons. If you build it and program it with what people want to see, it doesn't matter if it's built in Salt Lake City or Sandy, they will come.

Steven Ireland

Salt Lake City