General Conference is beamed throughout the world to televisions, radios and now internet. And the Bloggernacle does its part. Some of the blogs post insights (as well as reaction) to the talks as they are given. So you can be listening to the talk and following the blogs at the same time, adding your own thoughts.

And then for at least the week after, if tradition holds, many of the LDS blogs discuss various talks. It's a whole new way of enjoying and participating in General Conference. I especially like that I can refer to the blogs and glean things about certain talks as I wait for to get the archives posted.

However, understand that comments can be reactionary to what is said. You may get discussion and debate for weeks after on certain talks or aspects of talks that include argument as well as insight.

General Conference is already in the Bloggernacle air as a few General Conference predictions are flying. And one blogger describes how she was first drawn to the Bloggernacle through a General Conference talk. Also this post discusses "Preparing for General Conference."

So check out the blog aggregators LDSelect, Mormon Archipelago and Mormon Blogs on Saturday and Sunday to see which blogs are following the General Conference proceedings.

And now for some of this week's fabulous finds:

Power Picks — Where were you when President Benson gave "The Talk that Changed the Church" Titled "Cleaning the Inner Vessel," this April 1986 General Conference address focused on the Book of Mormon. In fact, President Benson declared, "Unless we read the Book of Mormon and give heed to its teachings, the Lord has stated in section 84 of the Doctrine and Covenants that the whole Church is under condemnation." Check out this thought-provoking post on this well-known General Conference talk. Wow.

Background Check — On May 4, 2007 Bruce Webster's "Adventures in Mormonism" began. "The subtitle of the blog, 'Correcting the incorrigible,' sums up why I got started," Bruce said. "My very first post explains the initial impetus, viz., largely in response to some of the misrepresentations and distortions of LDS history and doctrine that were appearing in the wake of Romney's announcement of his candidacy for President (even though I personally didn't support Romney). That's what got me started, but since then, the blog has turned into a useful forum for me to interesting doctrinal and scriptural issues."

A few favorite posts include "Who gets saved?" and "Mormons and hell." And if there was anything Bruce could change, it would be to bridge the gap between the comment to visitor ratio. Besides his astute posts and interesting news feeds, I like the choice between night/day motif on Adventures of Mormonism and admire Bruce's personal trek. Click on over!

Forgotten Gem — Whether it's wearing comfy pajamas, putting together a fun ladies night complete with facials, hiking with your family and your radio, singing along with the MoTab or eating special foods, General Conference traditions can be so memorable. What does your family do? Our kids get to eat all the ice cream they want at Grandma's house during the Sunday afternoon session as long as they are listening. Mmm. Enjoy reading about more General Conference traditions at Segullahs "General Conference Post" from March 28, 2007. There are lots of additional traditions in the comments and even a few recipes! One poster decided to "shake things up a bit so we wouldn't fall asleep. We got Ginger-Ale and took shots of it after we heard 'Brothers and Sisters.' It worked . . . for the most part." Awesome! Maybe this forgotten gem of a post will inspire you to start some of your own General Conference traditions.

Techie Tip — For all those who journal online or via a word or office program, as you record thoughts about General Conference, copy and paste those insightful comments/posts you find in the blogs. Select the text and push "Ctrl-C" and then "Ctrl-V" to place the text within your journal. Thus you can add insight to your insights on General Conference inspiration. Cool!

Enjoy General Conference!