SANDY — As in a scene out of an action movie, a convenience store clerk escaped unharmed after a would-be thief tried to stab him, according to police.

About 4:45 a.m. Sunday, two men entered Maverik Country Store at 425 W. 9000 South and approached the clerk while a third man waited in an SUV outside, said Sandy Police Sgt. Victor Quezada.

One man asked the clerk for cigarettes. The clerk turned his back to get a pack, but when he turned to face the man again, the man demanded money, Quezada said.

"The guy said, 'You're not getting money.' (The robber) replied, 'I'm not playing with you,"' Quezada said.

The robber pulled out a 6-inch knife and attempted to stab the clerk, he said. The 47-year-old clerk, however, was able to avoid the blade, grab the arm holding the knife with both of his hands, and scoot safely out the door to safety as he pushed the attacker away, Quezada said.

The robbers ended up grabbing a case of beer, running back to their getaway vehicle and driving off. All three men were white and in their early 20s, Quezada said. Two of them were about 6 feet tall, one was about 150 pounds , the other 170 pounds, he said. One was wearing a white tank top and a red bandana.

The three were last seen driving away in a blue and white SUV, possibly a Suburban.

Anyone with information on the robbery or the suspects can call police at 840-4000.