ROOSEVELT — Police are looking for one of their own, so to speak, after someone threw a rock through a patrol car window last week and kidnapped Officer Larry.

Larry, the mannequin used by the Roosevelt Police Department to try to deter speeding along U.S. Highway 40, was taken from his squad car sometime during the nighttime hours of March 24. Police were notified of the "kidnapping" the following morning by passing motorists who reported the patrol car's window being down.

Roosevelt police officer Junior Boren said a rock was thrown through the front passenger-side window of the car with enough force to damage the inside of the driver's door. Boren said the cost to repair the car could run as high as $1,000.

Police were able to collect some evidence from the scene. There have been no ransom demands from the person who stole Larry. Boren said the thief or thieves, whom he suspects are juveniles, could face theft and criminal mischief charges if caught.