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Between the Trees' debut album is "The Story and the Soul."

Between the Trees wouldn't be anywhere near releasing its 2006 debut album "The Story and the Soul" if it weren't for goals.

"We were pretty young when we started," said bassist Jeremy Butler during a telephone interview from Des Moines, Iowa. "We still are, in fact. And what we wanted to do when we first got together was tour, tour, tour. But we realized that we needed a product for people to take home after we played their towns. So we decided to shoot for making a CD."

In order for that all to happen, the band found a manager and an independent record label, Bonded Records.

"That was all going on while we were trying to develop as musicians," Butler said. "It was pretty difficult."

The band — Butler, his drummer brother Josh, guitarist/lead vocalist Ryan Kirkland, guitarist Brad Kriebel and keyboardist Wes Anderson — had about 1 1/2 months to record the album.

"We had six songs ready," Butler said about the sessions. "We just started writing and ended up with 20 songs. We weeded them out and found the best-sounding songs for the album."

These days, the band tours with Mae but is also gearing up to release the album on Universal Records.

"The tour is great," Butler said. "It's the first time we've had a consistent audience. We've been surprised at how many of the people like our music. We wrote our songs as a snapshot of our lives at that time. And we found out that some of the things we were going through were the same things that our listeners had been going through.

"We get e-mails every day about how our songs have helped people. And that's a good feeling."

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