James L. Ferrell is the managing director of a firm that specializes in resolving conflict. In 2004, he authored a book called "The Peacegiver." Two years later, he wrote a book called "The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict."

In his latest offering, Ferrell sticks with this theme, though "The Holy Secret" deals more with inner conflict.

"The Holy Secret" follows the story of Michael Nowak, who is a temple-recommend-holding member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Michael, despite his faithful status, comes to the realization that his heart is not set on holiness. It's that secret — that he does not love the most "holy" aspects of his religion — that forms the basis for the story.

Ferrell addresses the issue in the book's preface: "I believe that many today carry a secret: we do not love what we have been commanded to love; we do not love what is holy," he writes.

Deseret Book describes "The Holy Secret" as a "modern-day parable that brings to life the importance of loving holy and sacred things."

Ferrell's "The Peacegiver" achieved unprecedented success after its release in 2004. It became the first LDS book to hold a spot on the Deseret Book top 10 list for more than three years. It's the story of Rick, whose troubled marriage is rescued when he is visited by his grandfather in a dream and taught stories from the Bible.

Ferrell, managing director of the Arbinger Institute and a Kaysville resident, is a graduate of Brigham Young University and Yale Law School. "The Holy Secret" (March 2008) is published by Deseret Book.