Teresa Perry (Readers' Forum, March 30) insists that it is time to do away with our current form of political party caucuses. I am sorry that her experience at her first caucus meeting was not what she had anticipated.

As the precinct chairman of my particular voting precinct, I cannot envision a more grass-roots approach to politics than the system we currently employ. Ample time should and must be allowed in the caucus meeting for potential delegates to be heard in regards to their views relating to the party platform, voting preferences for candidates, etc. Those individuals who represent precincts as delegates to either the county conventions or the state convention, do in fact choose the candidates who will run for political offices.

Delegates must commit a significant amount of time to meet the various candidates and talk with them about their views on a wide range of issues. There is wisdom in having others do the legwork for those of the citizenry who want to be civic-minded but for a variety of reasons are prevented from doing so.

I urge all who wish to be involved to do so. Give this great grass-roots system an opportunity to work for you.

Ben B. Booth

West Bountiful