Have you been following Reader Voices, a regular feature in the weekly Mormon Times section and on MormonTimes.com? Each week, Mormon Times highlights a submission sent in from a reader-turned-writer.

We're looking for insights into LDS life, doctrine and culture. We're looking for 400- to 500-word submissions that will move readers in some way — to laughter, to tears or just to thought. And right now, we're looking for more submissions. So get typing and e-mail in your personal thoughts, opinions, experiences or observations to [email protected] and make sure to include contact information. We'll let you know when we receive your submission. If we decide to use it in print or online, we'll let you know once again.

If you read something from one of our readers that impresses you, we want to know that, too. You can also send those comments to [email protected].

Thank you for contributing.

Mormon Times staff