Not long after I was called as bishop for the Bountiful 13th Ward in 1999, I received a call from a woman in the ward asking if I could come by her house to renew her husband's temple recommend. The brother was suffering from a longtime illness and wasn't able to come to church.

As I went to that home, I remember thinking that the only place that good brother was going to go when he left his house wasn't the temple but the morgue. His wife sensed my concern when I got to the home and as I helped lift the brother into a chair in the living room.

"Bishop," the wife said, "my husband wants to have a current recommend when he gets to the Pearly Gates Temple."

"And he will, Sister," I replied. I then proceeded with the recommend interview. The brother was unable to speak, so for "Yes" answers I had him squeeze my hand once and for "No" answers, twice.

It turned out to be a very spiritual experience. I then arranged for a member of the stake presidency to come over and complete the recommend.

A few months later that good brother went to the other side of the veil with a current temple recommend.

John Robinson is a former editor at the Deseret Morning News.