Every BYU football game will be televised this fall, although times and broadcast plans for the Washington and Utah State away games have yet to be determined.

BYU and New Mexico are the only Mountain West teams to have all league and non-league games on TV and with the addition of DirecTV satellite to carry The mtn. network, it is expected BYU's exposure will be enhanced, according to league TV partners who joined with the MWC in announcing the conference schedule on Tuesday.

BYU has seven games on The mtn., two on Versus and a single game on CBS College Sports Network. The schedule calls for 10 of BYU's 12 games to be played on Saturday.

"I'm glad there is only one Thursday night game," said BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall. "I'm not a huge proponent of Thursday night, there's only one of those (at TCU Oct. 16) which I'm appreciative of. Other than that, it's a great schedule. It's difficult, I'm glad we're at home for four of the first five weeks, if I'm reading it correctly if I count Utah State being an instate game."

The Cougars open Aug. 30 against Northern Iowa, a 12-1 team in 2007. The Cougars travel to Washington the second week.

"Our core philosophy is the play where ever the games are scheduled and whatever time. I showed the team the schedule today. I put it up for about 10 seconds and then went on, which is kind of typical," said Mendenhall.

The impact of DirecTV as an enhanced factor in BYU and league coverage hasn't crossed Mendenhall's concern meter.

"I haven't been bothered with it," said the coach. "I've been asked so many times about it the first couple of years and I really don't even know the details, quite frankly. It became to the point my level of frustration that the package was just being a distraction so I haven't even acknowledged it.

"I think the best thing we could do is put a team out there that demands coverage. That's perhaps the best way I can help."

Mendenhall said he will fashion the remaining five spring practices like a year ago.

"It'll be very similar to what we've done. It's more than a marathon than a sprint. We know this time is very important but not at the expense of injuries. Well come back out on Thursday in shells like today. Friday will be the longest scrimmage in spring to this point."

Friday's scrimmage, in front of invited former players, could go as long as 50 plays and will feature many first line players.

"It'll probably about 50 plays, which will be the most significant scrimmage of the spring, probably more so than the spring game, in terms of quality players getting snaps. The last week will be more for, hopefully, putting the right players together at the same time and work more towards precision and securing our top 22."

Mendenhall said up to this Friday, it's all been about evaluation and teaching.

"To this point it's been a lot of rotating in and out, managing and giving players a chance to show what they can do. We're getting a very good idea of what that is, so we'll take that approach through this Friday and then solidify our depth chart next week."

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