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Entrance leading to the shelter where members of a Russian cult holed up in a cave for months.

Russia: More cultists emerge

MOSCOW — Fourteen more members of a Russian cult holed up underground for months awaiting the end of the world emerged Tuesday after melting snows caused more of their hillside cave to collapse, officials said.

The group — including two children ages 8 and 14 — were in satisfactory condition, Penza regional emergency spokesman Dmitry Yeskin told The Associated Press. They were moved to a nearby house where the group's leader, self-declared prophet Pyotr Kuznetsov, has been living.

Colombia: Hostage mission

BOGOTA — Colombia's president said Tuesday he had approved a French mission to try to meet with hostages held by leftist rebels, including gravely ill politician Ingrid Betancourt.

The mission would be "to protect the deteriorating health of the hostages," President Alvaro Uribe said.

Betancourt, who holds both French and Colombian nationality, is being held along with dozens of other hostages by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC.

Denmark: Robbers steal $6.3M

COPENHAGEN — Masked robbers armed with automatic weapons stole about $6.3 million from a cash depot in suburban Copenhagen on Tuesday and left explosives in their wake to delay pursuit, police said.

Police said as many as six robbers wearing masks and wielding rifles and submachine guns crashed a forklift through the wall of a cash depot in Glostrup, a western suburb of the Danish capital.

Finland: Official is ousted

HELSINKI — Finland's foreign minister was ousted Tuesday by his conservative party over a text message scandal involving an erotic dancer.

The scandal, which had been making headline news for weeks, had eroded trust in and respect for Ilkka Kanerva, said Finance Minister Jyrki Katainen, chairman of the National Coalition Party, which holds the Foreign Ministry post in the coalition government.

"The minister does not enjoy trust," Katainen told reporters. "It's a heavy decision. He's a friend and he's done his work well."

Kenya: Protesters gassed

NAIROBI — Police tear gassed about 100 protesters who demonstrated in the capital Tuesday against plans to increase the number of Cabinet posts.

The demonstrators argued that Kenyans, millions of whom scrape by on less than a dollar a day, couldn't afford to support more than 24 ministers.

Kenya's two top leaders are still trying to work out how they will share power more than a month after they agreed to govern together to quell post-election violence.

Poland: EU treaty backed

WARSAW — Poland's parliament overwhelmingly approved the ratification of the European Union's new treaty Tuesday, overcoming a key hurdle to approval by all 27 EU members.

Poland's lower house voted 384-56, with 12 abstentions, to adopt the so-called Lisbon Treaty. The upper house is expected to pass the bill today, and President Lech Kaczynski has said he will ratify it "with the greatest pleasure."

The treaty sets out rules simplifying the way the EU is run. It replaces a draft EU constitution that was rejected by France and the Netherlands in 2005 in a major embarrassment for the bloc.